Our Mission

We are dedicated to development and manufacture of smarter, more efficient advanced life support systems for extended space exploration, and application of those technologies to maintain a cleaner, more sustainable environment on earth.
There is always a way to do it better. Find it.– Thomas A. Edison

Technology & Strategy Services for Global Businesses

Technologies for Earth

Clean Chemical Processes
Carbon-Metal Catalysts
Auto-Calibrating Instruments
Data & Process
Visualization Software

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Design Thinking
and the
Internet of Things

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Technologies for Space

Advanced Life Support
Habitation System Design
International Space Station
Mission to Mars
Smart Instrumentation
Water & Air Purification

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Technologies for Earth


Oxidation & Hydrogenation Catalysts Learn More


Automated Analyzers and IoT Data Systems for Airborne Metals Exposure Prevention Learn More


Smart Electroanalytical Multi-Sensors for Aqueous Process Monitoring of Metals, Anions and Dissolved Organics Learn More


Next-Generation, 5-D Data Visualization, Marketing and Predictive Analytics Software
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Technologies for Space

Process Development & Design for Next Generation Habitation Systems for Solar System Exploration
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High-Strength TuffCarbon® Oxidation Catalysts for Water Recycling
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Smart, Highly Adaptive Machine-Learning SEMS® for Water Quality Monitoring Learn More

Air Quality Sensors & Contaminant Removal Systems
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