AI-Powered Electrochemistry™

Rapid, Automated Sampling and Analysis of Airborne Lead for Environmental and Occupational Safety Applications

The AeroLead® Analyzer automatically samples, extracts, and quantifies the concentration of total lead in air, providing sample data in 7 minutes. Continuous samples can be automatically collected and analyzed, at user-selected air sample times ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours. The total sampling and analysis cost using the AeroLead® is typically less than 1% of manual sampling & off-site laboratory analysis costs.

Compliance with environmental and occupational regulations can be proactively validated, with sample results available on-site, in near-real-time. Data from the AeroLead® Analyzer provides a defensible basis to maintain manufacturing and remediation operations, and helps to prevent unnecessary human and environmental exposure. The 7 minute sample turn-around allows process operators to rapidly respond to lead levels near action levels and TLVs, and can be used to provide continuous control of fugitive emissions via near-real-time data telemetry.

Workers of all skill levels can operate the AeroLead® Analyzer. AeroLead® operation is simple (using the menu-driven keypad) and does not require nuclear materials, toxic substances or operator certification expenses. Data can be downloaded via USB or RS232C to the AeroDACSTM Cloud data acquisition system, and locally to PC or laptop computer, making compilation and reporting of data quick, easy and efficient, resulting in much more effective utilization of occupational safety and health resources.

ELS Technology currently offers three different models of the AeroLead® Analyzer. The AeroLead® 1200 is a portable analyzer that can be used for both ambient air monitoring and on-site personal breathing zone filter cartridge analysis. The AeroLead® 2000 is a wall mounted ambient air analyzer used for point-source and environmental monitoring. The AeroLead® 3000 is a wall mounted automated airborne metals analyzer that can measure up to 6 metals on a continuous basis, and is suitable for use in CEM applications.

Instrument operation is simple– samples are automatically collected based on user directives (alternatively, personal filter cartridges from individual workers can be directly attached to the analyzer.) The lead from each sample is then automatically extracted from the filter and analyzed electrochemically to determine ug lead/filter or, for ambient air analysis, an integrated airflow meter determines the air sample volume and results are reported in ug/m3. Standard maintenance requirements are quite simple and consist of periodic replacement of filters and extraction syringes, and occasional replacement of electrodes and regeneration modules. Extended operation and remote sampling options are available (e.g. for CEM applications), as is autocalibration and full QA/QC program development and support.

AeroLead® Product Suite

AeroLead® 1200 Lead Analyzer Spec Sheet

AeroLead® 2000 Lead Analyzer Spec Sheet

AeroLead® 3000 Metals CEM Spec Sheet



  • Ambient Air Monitoringperiodic-table
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Worker Safety and Health

  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Rapid Personal Breathing Zone Filter Cartridge Analysis
  • Point-Source Pollution Identification 


  • Automotive Supply Chain
  • Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Lighting Manufacture
  • Metals Processing and Finishing Industries
  • Mining & Smelting
  • Petroleum
  • Lead-Based Paint Abatement

Multi-Metal Analysis Available

  • Lead, Cadmium
  • Copper, Zinc, Nickel
  • Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury